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Orchids are beautiful, but



“Don’t get her anything for Valentines Day!”


Well guys, Valentines Day has come again
I suppose you’re planning something nice
But before you spend your money
May I give you some good advice?


Don’t buy her chocolates and candy
Or anything like that
She really doesn’t need them
Besides, they’ll only make her fat


Perhaps you’re thinking to get her flowers
Or maybe some jewelry and such
But don’t bother to waste your time
She won’t appreciate it much


To be honest, it profits very little
To treat them special on Valentines Day
So my advice is to get them nothing
Just save your money and put it away


Now before some gal sees me on the street
And wants to inflict some pain
Let me take a brief moment
Because I really should explain


You see guys, when it comes to girls
We’re often out of touch
To them, being  nice  only on Valentines
Doesn’t really  mean that much


Yes, we could give them lots of things
And think we’ve done our part
But treating them special once a year
Is not the way to win their heart


Don't treat them special only at Valentines
They deserve a whole lot more
They need to know we’re there for them
On all the other three hundred sixty four


By- Ken Broughton


Copyright 2004







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