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By Misty "Pug" Lawson



Hurry up Misty, get it over with I want my turn at the keys

( that is Yo-Yo on RIGHT talking to Misty on LEFT ) MISTY Lawson

Hi Little Fox, my name is Misty and I am a 9 year old fawn (that means tan in color ) Pug. I came to live with the Lawson's 4 years ago. I did live in Ohio and was only kept there to have puppies for the people that had me to make money but for some reason they gave me away to a lady that didn't take care of me and one day this nice man stopped by the place I was living and talked to this lady ( seems she was his son in-laws sister ) anyway, this man played with me and we had such a good time that I stayed right by him all the time, next thing I knew he picked me up and carried me out with him ,all the time petting me and loving on me, boy was I ever happy and you know what ? I felt good with him .

Dogs have a way of knowing if someone is nice and this man was.

When we got to the farm where his daughter Connie lived he called his wife and said he was bringing a "surprise " home when he came back, Wow , He called me a Surprise :-) I was so happy I went around and around in circles, I was finally going to be with humans that loved me for just me.

Now on the farm Connie had two dogs too, they were big dogs but they really took care of me and shared their food and water with me and told me how there human mom Connie was really sick and they knew one day she would leave for heaven and they told me how nice her dad , my new owner was and that I was lucky.

Well the day came when we left this place called Ohio and went back to Florida and I loved riding in the car and eating the hamburger from his sandwich and stopping at rest areas to pee and get a drink of water so we could stop and pee again and drink more water hehe ..

Finally we pulled into this driveway and when my new owner walked into the house ( that's where he lived and now me too :-) his wife Shirley grabbed me and hugged me and was so happy to meet me . This was really cool, they had a little Chihuahua dog named Lit'bit who had diabetes but that was OK because we got along right away and Lit' Bit said she would share the humans with me and welcomed me because the humans had a pug the year before me and she died so Lit' Bit was lonely. They also have a cat called Kally Kat who sleeps all day in a window box .

I was really happy and had a good time with Lit'Bit we would play and sleep together on our humans bed every night it was Wonderful...THEN something happened last year, do you know that Shirley came in with another pug one day ?

He was skinny and nervous and cried to go home and Shirley kept telling him she would find his mommy as quick as she could.

That dog cried for a week I thought he would never shut up.. But that's a whole nother story and that pug they named Yo-Yo has to tell it to you, they named him Yo-Yo because he did cart wheels every time he tried to pee ..heheheh you should have seen him, he didn't squat like me and Lit'Bit did . He would raise his butt and legs up into the air and go all the way over, dumb dog..

But you gotta love him and we did get along great but he was kind of jealous of Lit'bit and watched her like a halk because she might get one more treat then him and he couldn't let that happen...

Ok Ok Yo-Yo your next but I hear my human Shirley saying it it too late for you to write to Little Fox now so you have to do your version of this home and humans tomorrow hehehehe ,

Good Night everybody until Yo-Yo returns tomorrow...

(boy is he ever in a snit now , the twit ) Shirley is laughing , I wonder why ??? .

Bye , Misty Lawson

Author ~ Misty Lawson







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