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By Miss Linda Hill  






Thank You, Mom"

Thank you Mom, for all the love
that came from your heart-
I know how hard it must have been
for us to have to part.
I know you would have kept me
if there had been a way-
Mom, I understand why you had to
give me away!

Your heart must have been breaking,
what a heavy cross to bear-
What greater love than to give away your
child, it showed how much you cared.
I am so happy Mom, I just thought
you might want to know-
Thank you for the courage Mom, it
took to let me go!



"To Mom"

Mom, you know it's hard for me to
find the right words to say-
But I'm going to try to Mom
on this special day.
You never knew I noticed the hard
work that you do-
You thought I took for granted the
hugs and ' I Love You's. '

I was storing them in my heart Mom,
such lovely memories-
From homemade bread from a big wood reading me stories.
I bring you flowers and candy Mom,
but it can never compare-
To the love you have given me all these were Always there!
Happy Mother's Day!



"Happy Mother's Day"

H- is for the happiness you give to me.
A- is for the Angel that I so clearly see.
P- is for the patience you gave thru the years-
P- is for pleasure of just having you near.
Y- is for the years of raising your family.

M- is for the best Mom in all of history!
O- is for the open Bible that you read every day.
T- is for the tenderness you so freely gave away.
H- is for the firm hand that taught us right and wrong.
E- is for the your endurance that made you so strong.
R- is for the lovely red roses you grew so lovingly.
S- is for the sweet Mom that God gave to me!

D- is for the dark shadows you always chased away.
A- is for the appreciation you show me everyday.
Y- is for Yellow Roses. Mom , Happy Mothers Day!



"Mother's Flower"

I bring you Mother, this flower,
all wet with morning dew-
When I saw it on the ground
it reminded me of you.
One petal is for the love Mother,
you give me every day-
One petal is for the sweet and
kind words that you say.

One petal is for the sacrificing
that you do for me-
One petal is for all the hugs
you give out so freely.
Mother , you are worth more than
words can ever say-
And with a flower and a kiss, I
wish you Happy Mother's Day!



"Mom, I'm Sorry"

I sit here in this cold and
all alone-
Mom, I've missed you so much since
I've been gone.
A silly fight, I didn't listen, I just
grabbed some clothes and ran away-
Six months later I'm sitting here with
so much I'd like to say.

Will you take me back Mom, will you be
happy to see me now-
Will you hug and kiss me , or has time
changed things somehow?
I realize its Mother's Day.. It's a day I
should honor you-
And I wonder if you still think of me-
do you still miss me too?

With tears flowing down my face, I find
a telephone-
I'm praying as I dial , Oh Mom, just
please be home!
I hear your voice so loud and clear, and
I'm lost for words to say-
My tears come, and I can't speak, all
I can do is pray.

You say my name and in your voice I hear
the love still there-
God must have told you it was me - Oh,
Mom do you still care?
I softly whisper " Mom , Come get me,", I
Love you so much..
As I hang up the phone and wait for you
I know I felt an angels touch!



"A Mother's Love"

A Mother's love shines brighter than
any star in the sky-
A Mother's love is never ending, never
compaining , or asking why.
A Mother's love is feeding you, giving
you the very best-
A Mother's love never bends , even when
her strength is put to the test!

A Mother's love stays with you even
when you're apart-
A Mothers love never dwindles even if
you break her heart.
A Mother's love is steadfast , it stands
strong thru the years-
A Mother's love has endurance thru the
smiles and thru the tears.


"Come Back To Me"

Mom , you look so lovely laying
there in your hospital bed-
I can almost see a halo surround
your pretty head.
I wish you could remember Mom,
all the happy times we had-
Going fishing, walking in the
rain...just you, me  and Dad.

I put a red rose in your hand Mom,
just like Dad used to do-
And for all the years you raised
me Mom...I give my thanks to you.
Your lips are silent Mom, alzheimers
has took your memory-
But I know Mom , somewhere in your
heart, you still Love me....


"Surprise Party For Mom"

Mom, Let's comb your hair, put it up,
get on your Sunday best-
I'm taking you out for dinner Mom,
tomorrow you can rest!
For all the meals you have cooked for me,
this is the least I can do-
For all the sacrifices you have made,
Mom I love you!

Get your scarf , the wind is blowing, lets
get your nice blue sweater-
I need to stop by my house Mom, get out
of the'll feel better..
I will help you up the walk Mom, it is
such a beautiful day-
As the door opens, there's a hundred smiling
faces saying.. "Happy Mothers Day!".


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