Are you wondering about that pass the torch graphic you clicked on or why someone sent you this URL through ICQ or email? Want to know what it is all about? Well I'll tell you.
I have been fooling around making graphics and banners just for the fun of it. Nothing too important (at least not to me), just something to do when I am bored. I have even made a few banners for some friends that came out real neat. But this time I wanted to make something for everyone. Something just to give away no questions asked.
But (isn't there always a "but") I would rather it stay just on the Christian web pages. That is, any web page that has anything Christian on it. Even if it is just the smallest thing.
The fire (to me) represents the Holy Ghost (according to Acts Chapter 2). Giving the whole torch free to everyone represents how God gives the gift of the Holy Ghost free to anyone who asks for it. That is the reason I only want it on the Christian pages.
Next, I would like you to link it back to this page so everyone will understand the meaning of the torch. When you post it you don't have to explain anything, just link it and all your visitors have to do is click on it.
Last, I don't want any credit for the graphic. You read that right, I am not even going to put my name or email address on this web page. I want ALL the glory to go to my Father in Heaven. He gave me the idea, and He gave me the talents. I just want to use them for His glory and honor.
If you need any help on how to add this graphic to your site just ask the person who sent you here. If you came from somebody's web page to get here just hit your browsers back button and search their web page for an email addy and ask them to help you add the graphic to your page. If you got here from someone on ICQ just ask them how to add it to your site if they can't help you I would hope they would do everything possible to find someone who can. That is what Christians are here for, to help one another.
Please load this graphic through you own server and not through mine because it will just slow my page down too much. Left click on the graphic and save it to disk or to your computers hard drive then send through a program like ftp to your homepage provider. Thanks for all your help in spreading the fire of the Holy Ghost.

His Servant




Texas Bob